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Document management is a matter of trust – and a satisfied customer, our greatest success. Click here for users testimonials on their personal experiences with DocuWare.

Marsha Hadd, Accounting Supervisor
American Engineering Testing, Inc.

My staff and I can now track an invoice throughout the entire approval process. With one glance I know which invoices have been pending approval for too long and my staff can easily e-mail a higher level manager for approval. DocuWare has improved each employee’s document accountability. I no longer receive collection calls for invoices that I was unaware had been lost in our paper-based approval system.
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Roy Walton, Director
Bromwall Ltd.

New employees with no document management experience can be converted at minimal training and in a short period of time. The system can save on staff costs by virtue of the fact that fewer can manage a large document load without having to leave their desks and trace files. Our major benefit is that letters & documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world without the necessity of carrying a large file of papers.

Matt Jackson, Director of IT
Corsicana Bedding, Inc.

Our cash flow and customer service have greatly improved, but one of the most notable things DocuWare has done for us is give us complete control of our information. We can use our DocuWare database of invoices as a research tool to easily gather information for our marketing efforts. This was impossible to do with a paper-based system.